Prayer Requests

Need prayer or would you like for us to pray for someone?
Please contact the NCC office by phone or e-mail.

January 22

  • Please be in prayer over Arlen M, Nancy M, & Raechel C.
  • Praise the Lord! Joshua Marquez is feeling good after his appendectomy! We thank the Lord for being with him, the medical staff, and his family during that scary time!
  • Praise the Lord for the moisture and snow!
  • Pray for Karen Nord that God will lift her up!
  • Prayers are requested for the Garouttes’ nephew, Nathan. He slipped on an icy path and fell, breaking his ankle. Pray for a quick recovery as this affects his work.
  • Pray for the US Government as a whole to make wise decisions for the whole country.
  • The Rob Wall family needs your prayers as Rob, a cousin of Ward Greenwall, passed way.
  • Please be in prayer for William and for continued progress with his eyes.
  • Pray for health and happiness for the whole Marquez family!
  • Chuck S needs your prayers for the Lord’s healing and for his kidneys to start working.
  • Ashley Sramek says she prays for a great week for all of you! She asks you to pray over these next two weeks for Kellen and her. They have their LAST ultrasound on Thursday and then will go in to have “Baby S” on Tuesday! Ashley says they are nervous and excited! Praise the Lord for this little bundle of love!

January 18

  • Please be in prayer for the Becker family. They will be traveling to visit Isaac this weekend. Pray for their safe travel and that they have a meaningful visit.
  • UPDATE: Lynda Bahn’s knee surgery has been scheduled for Feb. 13th Please keep Lynda and her medical team in your prayers as they gear up for this surgery.

January 17

  • Little Joshua Marquez is having an emergency appendectomy. This on top of being a cystic fibrosis kiddo will make recovery time consuming. Please pray for Joshua and the family.

January 16

  • Becky Wakefield asks that you please keep Mariana’s Uncle Reginaldo Barros in your prayers. She just learned that he has yellow fever and is very close to death. Thank you.
    UPDATE Jan 17: Thank you for your prayers! They found a liver for his transplant and it appeared he didn’t have yellow fever after all. He did still need the transplant which God provided! Don’t know recovery details yet so prayers are still appreciated. Thank you.
    UPDATE Jan 18: Sadly, Reginaldo passed away. And the final determination was indeed yellow fever - the first fatal case in that part of Brazil. Please continue prayer for his family, including two young daughters.

January 15

  • Marilyn Marquez asks you to please pray for Alan’s cousin’s husband, Chuck. He is in surgery this afternoon in an attempt to save his life. He had an aneurism repair a few days ago and developed complications. He has not responded well after that surgery and now has an infected graft site and is fighting for his life. The biggest need is his salvation. Pray that God will reach him before he leaves this world! Pray for his healing, and for his wife and family. Thank you.
  • Praise the Lord! Dan Waggoner was taken to the hospital yesterday after a fall at his home. Things looked serious but after some testing and checking over, he was able to return home. Both Janice and Dan slept well last night and he is doing better today. The Waggoners thank all for your prayers.
  • Praise the Lord – Monte landed his first voiceover contract! Prayers and possible advice needed: It is starting to look like Monte’s doctor will not be able to assist in finding a knee surgeon. If you have a knee surgeon, please send information to Monte!
  • Prayers are needed for Lita Quintana who has had a series of small strokes.
  • Pray for Pete Ramos, Martin Lucero, Britney Miller, Annabel & Jasmine Barbara, Jacob Hamilton, Harmony, Keana Mendous, Sage Victory & Jenny, Alicia Romo, Larry Suazo, Linda Padilla, Aaron, Dan Watson, Ronda, Elizabeth, Kevin, and Angel.
  • Please lift up Margret Genther, Dan Housley’s sister. She is unable to walk in a rehab and if she can’t walk they are going to send her to a nursing home.
  • Continued prayers are asked for Diane Cox and her health.
  • UPDATE: Prayers are needed for Pat Renner. She is still recovering in the rehab facility and is doing better, but still has a ways to go.
  • Pray for friends of Mary Smith who just lost their one-year-old grandson.
  • Please be in prayer for Janet DeAnda as she adjusts to the new insulin and new medication she is on.
  • Be in prayer over Terri Fountain’s daughter-in-law as she is having surgery on Friday.
  • Please pray for Kim Garoutte. He has a new office and the lighting is giving him bad headaches. He has tried a few different things, but needs God’s hand and wisdom to prevail. He is very thankful for the job and position and just needs to get this figured out!
  • Praise the Lord! Melissa King is doing much better and getting over her pneumonia.
  • Pray for Glenda Gaye Bennett as she has gone to spend a month with her sister. Her sister is having severe heart issues and the doctors are not sure there is anything to be done about them.
  • Please pray for Lee Williams, who is in ICU and is very sick with sepsis. Please pray for his daughter Kathlean Harrington as well during this time.
  • Please lift up Erin Vasseur. Since her Grandpa’s funeral, she has begun speaking with her mother again. Pray that she will continue to let God lead her and also know how to use boundaries if necessary.
  • Please be in prayer for Sicily Mattern’s dad who was in a small accident. Also, please be praying over her mom’s brother-in-law who is in ICU under observation. He has a blood clot as a result of a mild stroke.
  • The Kamakarises are so thankful for your prayers! Please continue to lift up Buster in prayer as he battles the cancers, and also continue to lift up Dee as she stands by her husband throughout this very trying treatment/time. Please also lift up their families; we know that cancer is a family battle, and we pray that God will surround them all and remind them of his always loving presence, even when it maybe doesn’t feel like He is near.

January 12

  • Sarah Busskohl asks you to pray for Linda, one of the people in her HR group. Linda found her husband on the floor last night. He went into surgery with a severe brain bleed. Today, Jeff is unconscious and on a respirator. The family has been called in for goodbyes. Please pray for Linda and their son, Randy, who is on his way driving from Nebraska. Jeff’s mom and brother are trying to get here soon. Praise the Lord - Linda already knows Jeff’s wishes so she has a plan. Cardiac arrest is an issue after a massive brain bleed. They have a DNR. There isn’t anything that could have caught this according to the doctors. Please pray for comfort and strength for Jeff and Linda and their family, and for traveling mercies for those who are hurrying to get here. Sarah says that this family has faced other serious health-related issues recently. Linda spent five months in ICU last year after two open heart surgeries. Jeff broke his hip after getting tangled in her purse. Linda has been a sweet friend to so many of her group. These two are the most kind and decent people. They need your prayers and support.
  • Shelly Becker asks you to lift up her friends, George and Marion. George is hospitalized with the flu and pneumonia and Marion is on hospice and bedridden. Pray for healing, wisdom, and around-the-clock care since George is not able to care for Marion when he comes home.

January 11

  • Michelle Valentine asks for your prayers for her niece, Renee Wenzel, who has two very ill children. Her daughter (2 years old) has a brain tumor, one kidney, seizures all the time, and other health issues. She is constantly in and out of the hospital. Her son (turned 1 in December) has a few health issues including failure to thrive, has had an NG tube and a few other issues, and he’s in and out of the hospital as well. Apparently, the doctors have been turning her in to Social Services and the pediatrician told her today that they are considering taking her son from her because he’s losing weight again. Renee is a young but good mom and she does do her best to take care of them and it seems like the doctors are not listening to her. Either way they need lots of prayers. It is heartbreaking when any mother has her kids taken away.

January 8

  • Please be in prayer for the Martinez Family.
  • Please lift up Bill Duncan, Rebecca Lopez, Jaren T, Destiny & Rob, Melissa King, Delee, Keith, Marci Manus, Stephanie Licon-Hernandez, and Xander Shimamoto and family in your prayers this week.
  • Prayers are asked for Gary Freehling as he will soon be having shoulder surgery.
  • Pray over Cory Cic and his ongoing recovery.
  • UPDATE: Please continue to lift up Dee & Buster Kamakaris as they work together through Buster’s diagnosis of cancer.
  • Carol and Katie ask you to pray for them as their fathers passed this last week and they will be traveling for funerals.
  • Please pray for Shirley’s family as she passed away this week.
  • Prayers are needed for Marilyn Roberts (Glenda Gaye’s sister). She is suffering from lots of heart problems and can’t find the right medication to take her out of AFib.
  • UPDATE: Please continue to pray for Monte Pescador. He is back to the drawing board for finding a surgeon.
  • UPDATE: Continue to lift up Lynda Bahn. She is currently at the rehab facility but will go home this week. They will schedule another surgery for her by the end of January and then she will be back to rehab for an unknown period of time.
  • Please lift up Charlie Baca. She continues to have some weird symptoms that come and go and have re-surfaced again. Please pray for healing and direction and strength for the whole family.
  • Pray for the Prestons. Carla is currently having health issues and would appreciate prayer for healing. RC would like continued prayer for his health to improve and that he will find a new job soon.
  • UPDATE: Please continue to pray for Melanie Clinkinbeard who is dealing with diabetes issues and recovering from broken ribs.
  • Pray that Britt Kamm and Frank S. will have the Lord’s help to recover from their illnesses quickly.
  • Pray that Janice Greene will find her way after losing her job. She needs to make a decision about moving to Kansas or Arizona or staying in Colorado.
  • Please pray for all aspects of the lives of Amanda Morales, Brooklyn Morales, and Angels & Eddie Morales.
  • Destanie and Danielle Valentine give praise to the Lord that they had a safe trip with their dad, stepmom, and siblings and they are all back home now!
  • Prayers are needed for Carol Balz who is very ill; she was having testing done today.
  • Pray for Cassie Sprigg to have healing in her knee.
  • Please pray for Ashley Anderson and her family. Ashley just lost her husband. Pray for guidance, peace, and patience as they maneuver through this period of sadness and new responsibilities.
  • Shawn & Sicily Mattern ask for your prayers for some transportation help for two of their little daughters, Amy and Elisha, from school. Shawn works afternoons and Sicily doesn’t have a driver’s license. Their schools have been unable to offer help. The person who helped to this point in the school year will start a job which prevents them from helping any longer. As of now, Shawn has Wednesday and Thursday off from work so help would only be needed on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Pray that someone might be able to help in this small yet big way. Anyone who might help should contact the church office.

January 2

  • Please pray for Shelly & family as they struggle with addiction.
  • Jenny needs your prayers as she heals from her surgery from breast cancer.
  • Pray for Richard as he has Alzheimer’s.
  • Please pray for Sherry Espinoza to move away from the Jehovah religion, and come to have a life change and a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Prayers are asked for Tabetha & Jamal Foster. They were released from the hospital but they are still ill and are in need of assistance with winterizing their motorhome.
  • Emily Brooks needs prayers for her health and her life as a new mom.
  • Pray for Ashley Sandoval as she works hard to support her family.
  • Praise to God that He was with Cathy Johnsen during her surgery and hospital stay. Her surgeon was a hero and she had excellent care during her stay!
  • Prayers are needed for John Homa who had knee surgery on December 8.
  • Praise the Lord! Danny Hersman’s finger is healed!
  • Please continue to lift up James Lewis. He needs the Lord’s help both mentally and spiritually.
  • Robin Preston & Carolee Koban ask for your prayers as they travel.
  • Scott Lane asks for your prayers. He is scheduled to get his kidney transplant pre-op surgery on January 3 and transplant on January 9. He has a virus and needs prayers to recover so the transplant process can proceed.
  • Ray and Debbie Betts are in transition to a new home state! Pray for safe travels and that they will find a new church family near their new home. We praise the Lord for this opportunity and all the ways they have touched lives here at NCC!
  • Thank you all! Have a wonderful week and start to 2018!

December 28

  • Janice Waggoner notified us that husband Dan went to St. Anthony’s Hospital last night with coughing that would not stop. She said he has Type A Influenza. They are keeping him in the hospital one more night. Dan’s birthday is December 31. Keep Dan and Janice and their family in your prayers.
  • Please continue to lift up Lynda Bahn. She is still in rehab and had a CAT scan done that offered no answers to her recent unsteadiness. Also, Lynda was hit with more sad news; her best friend during her time in California passed yesterday. Dellis leaves behind nine children who will miss her dearly, and a best friend whose heart is aching. Please lift all of them up in prayer.
  • Pray for travel mercies for all of those who are still traveling this week.
  • Harlan Houey passed away last Thursday at the age of 97 and he was saved; praise the Lord! Keep Harlan’s family in your prayers.
  • Please pray for David Foster for healing of his many blood clots.
  • Praise the Lord! Vance Pleasant has found a place to stay!
  • Lift up Debbie Crosser in your prayers. She lost her husband on December 21.
  • Prayers are needed for Linda Bowers for physical issues she is experiencing.
  • Please continue to pray for Pat Renner. She is still in rehab for her broken ankle.
  • Continued prayers are requested for Katie and her family.
  • Please continue to lift up our NCC attendee who is awaiting an upcoming shoulder surgery this month, and the recovery after.
  • UPDATE: Continue to lift up Isaac Becker and the whole Becker crew!
  • Prayers are asked for Matthew & Mia Marquez’s second cousin, Lorenzo. He is 15 years old and is battling Stage IV brain cancer.
  • Praise the Lord for all we have been given, and that we were able to celebrate another season of remembering our Savior’s birth! What a joy it is to have a church family to gather with during such a joyful time! Pray for those whose hearts ached during this Christmas season whether it be due to loss, struggles, illness, or timing.
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