Prayer Requests

Need prayer or would you like for us to pray for someone?
Please contact the NCC office by phone or e-mail.

October 22

  • Pam Ekstein Minto received this from a friend:
    Please reach out to your prayer warriors on my baby’s behalf – he needs to see a cardiologist for a heart murmur. This was all determined Friday after going to he doctor to check on his cold that came from daycare! Please please keep him in your prayers.
  • Elizabeth McPeak is experiencing physical trouble and needs prayers.

October 21

  • Martha Lyde asks for prayers for 6-year-old Jade Thorne who has been having seizures for the past week. Yesterday she had a severe seizure and her parents have taken her to a Children’s Hospital in Oregon. Please pray for Jade and her family.

October 18

  • Urgent Prayer Request: Please be in prayer for Dave Mahoney, Pat Mahoney’s dad, who is currently in surgery.
  • UPDATE: Eleven-year-old Chloe, cancer patient, begins another session of chemo tomorrow, a 250-mile trip from her home to the treatment facility. She has gone through the trauma of losing her hair. Chloe and her family appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to lift them up for the Lord’s help.

October 17

  • UPDATE: Monte Pescador reports that the MRI shows a tear; now he is waiting for an orthopedic appointment to find out his options. Please continue your prayers for Monte.
  • Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola, in Miami. Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit-filled Christian friends into her life and that God enables her to walk away from ungodly company.

October 16

  • Please be in prayer for Rebecca Graves. She has a foot injury. Pray for recovery in time for her to continue her field training in the army medical corps.
  • Monte Pescador asks you to continue to lift him up in prayer as he waits on MRI results.
  • Praise the Lord! Rebecca Pescador’s cousin, Stephen Fist and family, were in a bad accident. Stephen was flown to Denver with broken back and surgery was successful! All are shaken, but well!
  • Prayers are needed for Whole Family Legal. The group is under great spiritual attack.
  • Please pray for Terri Fountain’s Aunt Carol and family. She is on feeding tubes now. Pray for strength for the family.
  • Praise the Lord – baby Kayden is doing great! Please lift up new mamma Emily, as she tries to keep up with the baby and sleep!
  • Please pray for traveling mercies for Glenda Gaye and her sister as they head to Kansas to see their brother in law.
  • UPDATE: Howard Lawrence is not going to have the surgery. It is six to seven hours and his doctors are very concerned he will not make it through the surgery. Howard will not be able to walk anymore. Please lift him up in your prayers.
  • Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s leading for Ralph, Kristine, Elyanna, & Grace.
  • Please continue to lift up all of those affected by the Las Vegas shooting.
  • Please lift up the families and individuals affected by the California wildfires. Pray for all those who have lost their homes, family members, and all their possessions, as well as those fighting the fires!
  • Please pray for Amelia St. Claire, a 2-year-old with many health problems including only one functional kidney, seizures, and a brain tumor.
  • Praise the Lord – Danielle Valentine is doing GREAT in school this year! You go girl!
  • Prayers are needed for Michelle Valentine as she continues to try to find her way with all of her medical issues.
  • Emily, a mom of seven, has to have her arm amputated due to an infection. Prayers are needed for Emily and her family.
  • Please be in prayer for Ann Burke and her health.
  • UPDATE: Continue to lift up Cory Cic. He has been taking steroids for one issue, which is causing another! The steroids will end this week and there is hope that his blood sugar will go back to normal. Please lift him up!
  • Miranda Romo asks for your prayers as she is in need of God’s strength and guidance.
  • Matthew & Cassie are in need of comfort from the Lord. Cassie lost her baby due to complications at 30 weeks. Please lift them and their whole family up in prayers.

October 12

  • Chloe Becker, the 11-year-old fighting cancer, continues to need our prayers. She finished her first round of chemo treatments and went to school for a day or so, then came down with urinary tract and strep infections. Chloe’s parents are unable to work due to taking her to the chemo treatments. They are living at a Ronald McDonald house for now while they try to figure out financial arrangements. This family really needs prayers to help them through this very serious period. Praise the Lord for Ronald McDonald.
  • The Gary Becker family asks for your prayers during their trip to Utah to see son Isaac. They ask for travel mercies, a good visit, and good weather and ask that God’s will be done.
  • Linda Bahn was back in the hospital last Wednesday with internal bleeding and she had surgery on Friday to remove several polyps which were bleeding. She is now at home, but is very weak. She goes in for a blood test tomorrow and if her hematocrit is still low, she will have to have a blood transfusion Please pray that the hematocrit has risen so Lynda can avoid the transfusion and regain strength.

October 10

  • Rebecca‘s cousins, Stephen and Emily Fish, and family were in a bad wreck in Frisco. While most made it out with just bumps and bruises, Stephen has been flown to Denver and will have emergency surgery on his back today (broken back).
  • Please pray for Chandler, whose employment is in jeopardy. Pray for God‘s will and guidance.
  • Dee & Buster Kamakaris thank everyone for their continued prayers! They can feel the love!
  • Chris Sisson thanks everyone for their prayers and asked that you continue to lift him up!
  • Please be in prayer for the Michael Morrow family.
  • Pray for Heidi. She is battling depression after losing her boyfriend in a car accident.
  • Prayers are needed for Cory Cic’s health and his awareness of his health. Cory spent the night in the ER this weekend. Your prayers are welcomed and needed!
  • Please pray for Gary Freehling. He continues his battle with grief since the passing of his wife (Jen Cic’s Mom, Sharon) last year.
  • Prayers are requested for Brian Painter, who had a biopsy of his jaw done last Friday.
  • Praise the Lord. Linda Garoutte had a successful surgery and her recovery is going well!
  • Please be in prayer for Bea Davidson, who is battling breast cancer.
  • Continued prayer is requested for Gordon Maunu. His surgery to remove tumors is on hold. Gordon needs to get diabetes under control. In the meantime, he completely tore his Achilles tendon, and he is non-weight-bearing for at least another month. Pray for quick healing. The hip surgery will probably have to wait until the new year.
  • Please be in prayer for Howard Lawrence. He is facing a 6-7 hour surgery in six weeks to remove his bladder. They are spending these weeks to build him up for such a long surgery since he is 80 years old.

October 6

  • Monte Pescador requests prayers for his friend and classmate, Tracy, and all those suffering from end-stage cancer.

October 2

  • Pray for all involved with the Las Vegas shooting last night – all victims, concert goers, and families affected by the tragedy. Some of Ashley‘s in-laws were at the concert. They are physically okay, as are the two they were with, but they saw scenes that they will never be able to forget. Continue prayers in coming days for all who have any family or responders involved in this horrible tragedy.
  • Kim Garoutte received a prayer request from RC Preston. He has a job interview on Monday and is very hopeful to be blessed with this opportunity. It matches his skills and career desire. Please pray for RC’s health and for this job opportunity.
  • UPDATE: Chloe Becker, the 11-year-old, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her chemo treatments have been started. Chloe and her family continue to need your prayers for God’s help in her recovery.

September 26

  • Ruth Augustine asks for prayers as she has been dealing with stomach issues and just wants to feel better!
  • Please be in prayers for the Baca family this week. Pray for peace and guidance and for all involved to be guided by Jesus!
  • Continue to lift the Gregg family up in prayers as they move forward, making decisions and sorting through things as a new family unit.
  • Pray that Debbie Garcia Balch will get a job more suitable for her. She has applied and tested for a job in CA that she is hopeful for!
  • Terri Fountain’s daughter-in-law’s Aunt Carol had a severe stroke. Please be in prayer Aunt Carol and the whole family.
  • Please pray that Judy Stackhome’s blood will be cancer free. She is a friend of Janet DeAnda.
  • Prayers are needed for Bob Hill who had surgery for water on the brain from a motorcycle accident. Pray for his recovery and for no permanent problems from the accident.
  • Please be in prayer for Emma Martinez who suffered a heart attack.
  • Continue to pray for Steve Largh in his final days with cancer. Please also lift up Ruth Merrick and Ann Gargano who are also battling cancer.
  • Continue to pray for Carlos. He will soon be released from prison and needs the Lord to go before him and guide with the needs he will have.
  • Pray for the Harris Family. Vanessa, an 11-year-old, has lesions on her brain.
  • UPDATE: Al & Tami Morgan ask that you continue to pray for them. Al hopes to get the job in Maine.
  • Please pray for all of the associates at St. Anthony North Health Campus as there are a lot of changes with jobs. Pray for guidance & strength for all through these uncertain times.
  • UPDATE: Chloe Becker, Carolee Pulis’ 11-year-old niece who was diagnosed with three different kinds of cancer in a tumor within a tumor in her stomach, needs more prayers. Her chemo treatments start this week. Chloe lives in the St. Louis area and it is a 250-mile trip to receive her treatments. Please continue your prayers for Chloe, her family, and the medical team.

September 23

  • UPDATE: Al Morgan had a job interview this week. Please pray that if this is the right employment for him the Lord will make good things happen.
  • UPDATE: Chloe Becker, Carolee Pulis’ 11-year-old niece, has now been diagnosed with three different kinds of cancer in the tumor within the tumor in her stomach. She will start chemo next week. Chloe lives in the St. Louis area and it is a 250-mile trip to receive these treatments. Please continue your prayers for Chloe, her family, and the medical team.
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